"What does classical do for me ?"

"It is a discipline of work; an additional ability of assimilation; the possibility to weigh up; to compose. Classical music transports me. The tradition of my origins gives me the faculty to compose because one improvises; because one truly knows how to draw the chords well. What is even more astounding is that a jazz guitarist begins to compose classical music. "
"There are intonations of Chopin, Villa-Lobos and Barrios. This proves that the Django Reinhardt tradition is innovative. If there is harmonic richness in Villa-Lobos' music, God knows that there is in Django Reinhardt's and if we put this heritage at the service of classical music...! There is an extremely sentimental shade of colour in Django's music." (R Fays)

"Moving from Classical to Jazz..."

"It is very difficult. I have to forget one to play the other. During concerts, the audience like to see us play classical guitar for an hour and jazz for another hour. The tendons and phalanx work differently depending on whether we play jazz or classical. These days, I give solo concerts with my two guitars; however, I have little to do with the world of classical guitar. I have been playing classical guitar since the age of twelve. I am not seeking to prove anything ut I compose quite a bit for classical guitar. I have kept a part of the repertoire (Villa Lobos, Fernando Sor, Bach, F. Kleynjans...)."

"Personally, Alexandre Lagoya is my master in classical guitar for whom I have always had a grand admiration and who reminds me, when I listen to his new recordings, that his style has not aged and that he keeps the same freshness. The duo Presti-Lagoya has really given me the desire to play classical guitar. I started my jazz training at the same age. Today, I compose for classical guitar (waltz, mazurkas, preludes, Spanish suites or Baroques). I have just achieved the concerto of Venice with a chamber orchestra.

I shall continue to record, because I composed a lot these last years and I think listeners will be able to discover new works. I sincerely believe that classical guitarists are waiting for new composers. I have met many guitarists during festivals and training sessions; I have learnt on my own how to transcribe and I have invented my fingering for musical scores as do great artists. I hope that open-mindedness will grow in the field of classical guitar as I believe the younger generation would like to play new works. I still believe that music is the strongest of all. " (R.Fays)

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