After twenty two working years, motivated by a strong passion for the flamenco and further to albums " Andalucia ", in 2008 and "Extremadura" in 2009. RaphaŽl Faˇs proposes his new album today " Mi Camino Con El Flamenco ", in the expression of his own flamenco.

The sensitive approach of RaphaŽl Faˇs closed to its personal musical play with the plectrum, gives to its compositions a rich character both warm and generous. This composer likes revisiting the traditions, enriching them of his personal support: he created its own flamenco.

This style operates the syncretism of three dominant characteristics: the melodic wealth of the compositions, an irreproachable instrumental technique and the expressiveness of a play.

For RaphaŽl Faˇs, it is a very important progress in his adventure with the flamenco, not to say Spain, the country which he likes particularly.

Say about RaphaŽl that he takes place in the lineage of Paco de Lucia could indeed bother him, he respects too much this teacher absolved to be compared with him. RaphaŽl is originally a natural descendant of Django Reinhardt, his craze is also intense for guitarists flamencos as Sabicas, Manolo Sanlucare, Vicente Amigo whom he admires in no doubt.

Therefore, he proposes a new lighting of this music and in a way he widens the limits.

     Raphaël Faÿs et Raquel Gomez   Raphaël Faÿs Flamenco